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Found these comments from an old thread

I found these remarks quit by accident while doing a search - thought the comments might be of interest. Any thoughts or comments are invited,

Templus has been inactive for some time now - I invited him to visit this thread if he was still interested.

Posted by Templus_Catticus Jun 22, 2007
"I own a much loved Nirvana II and she has the opposite tendency of the Seawind...the fixed jib pivot point throws the center of effort forward which is great for medium to higher winds but not so good in light airs where she tends to want to run to lee helm.

On the Nirvana, you can't change easily or make adjustable where the jib pivot deck fitting is...but you can rig the line to the jib boom itself by using a plastic connector that the computer guys use to secure cable in the back of the computer instead of a fixed tied knot to the jib boom..

Tighten this connector as much as you can and she will hold fast but still be loose enough to slide up and down the jib boom..

I know there are other ways to correct for center of effort (bending the mast etc.) but these do not cause enough of a change with the Nirvana.

However, with this adjustable jib pivot you can effectively move the boats center of effort more aft (slide the jib connector forward to move center of effort and jib boom further aft) for light winds or more forward for heavy winds and really notice the difference to get that "perfect" heel and tack angle.

Who knows? Could work in the Seawind too and help in heavier winds. ~TC "
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