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Originally Posted by CANNONFODDER0 View Post
I think you are right. *Fudge-cicles*, I was rather hoping it was something procedural I had done to put it in a funny state/mood.
The camera is still powered when the power button is off, at least part of that keeps the real time clock ticking. I have another camera, not a #11, that I have 2-3 times managed to put into an inoperative state when pushing buttons going through various configuration menu options. I never managed to isolate the exact cause, but once done, the camera would no longer respond to the power or record buttons. BUT, if I popped out the battery (easy since it's a hard case Li-Ion cell, not wiring in place cell), then reinstalled it, the camera would regain normal operation. That is still a possibility with your #11 camera, hence the last resort option of disconnecting the battery briefly. One user claimed that restored his "dead" camera, others have not had that success. But worth a try if the button diagnosis doesn't show anything wrong.

Good luck with it, and let us know what you find. If the camera is fairly new and has not experienced crash damage, you can probably get it replaced by your vendor.
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