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Gord, welcome.

Yes, I'm taking photos all the way.

More and more of these big planes are coming with instructions/guides for conversion to electric. Was really surprised this one did not include them. My Black Horse P-40 did, see my conversion here, about 1/2 way into the thread. Post #71 is where I start mine.

My ASM F7F Tigercat also came with guides/instructions for electric power, but I went a different way with my battery mounting. Here is my thread on it.

Every plane is done differently, depending on what we see and learn. Here is my first big conversion, the Great Planes P-6E Hawk, which was just rereleased this year before the Waco's release. (Hopefully there were some updates done to the kit, all the needed ones remarked on in this thread-
I first get in at the bottom of page 4, post 59.

My biggest conversion challange was the Top Flight Staggerwing in my avatar pic. This was my second one, and I wish I had known what I did when I did the F7F, as I would have done the Staggerwing differently. Check it out here- There have been some changes done under the cowl since the last pics, that were done when I installed the new cowl and dummy engine. Will have to get some pics of it and post them over there.

As for your question about the dowels, you could have a point. Big Lacy did not use the square stand-offs included in the kit like I did, because his motor has a bigger "X" mount than mine. However, he did use larger screws, 10x24 as opposed to my 8x32 screws. Actually All threaded rods. So he has more inbuilt strength, but mine has more overall rigidity because of the large 7/8" dowels which are also much shorter. Mine are 81mm or 3 3/16" long. These motor do have huge amounts of torque, and will bend a stainless steel sheet metal mount effortlessly. The mount in my P-6E had to be replaced because it would twist everytime the plane nosed over on taxi on our grass runway. (Constantly!)

Good luck when you decide to get your feet wet on the big ones. Once you do, you probably won't go back. These ones just fly so much better/easier. More expensive... in the short run, yes, but in the long run, no. And with electric, you don't have the vibration and fuel slime to clean up or repair all the time. I've been flying R/C since 1981, U/Control since I was a little kid. I got into the big ones in '85, have had many smaller/faster ones since, but they just weren't as much fun. Went fully electric with Staggerwing. Sold off ALL of my nitro equipment, and have no plans on going back.

Sorry for the rambling, guys, will be back on topic next post.

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