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Originally Posted by Staggerflyer View Post
BL, looks great. Is it my eyesite or did you add a little downthrust?

Good idea mounting the batteries in the cockpit as mail. I didn't think of that, as I wanted mine forward. I just finished cutting my hatch like the one you photo'd at SEFF. ........
Are you taking photos? Hope so. I'm not nearly ready to jump into something this big yet, but it will come, and everything this size seems to be designed for IC only. I really would love to see just how you created the hatch and mounted your batteries in something that was not designed for them.

One question that comes up when looking at the photos is how long are those dowels you've both used to mount the motor? They look so long that I would worry about the motor twisting when the amps really start flowing. Not so much in yours Staggerflyer, those are some pretty healthy looking rods... they look almost like poles in the photo . But the nylon rods in Big Lacy's just look like they might be somewhat flexible. I have no experience with that size of motor, so maybe I am just a bit overly cautious. But when I think of that motor trying to accelerate an 18 inch prop..... Well, I would worry until I actually tried it with the cowl off so I could see just how solid it is.

It is a beautiful plane! Wish I were ready for one now. Maybe next year...

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