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READ ReaD ReAd REad REAd reAD rEaD read! (52:65:61:64:21 H)

As in read post #1 and #2 IN FULL and look for updates often. If you say you didn't see something and it was in post #1 or 2 there's a chance Greg and I will publically ridicule you

****** August 13th Update ******

For those on the wait list or main list that will be receiving their kits via post - Greg or I will be contacting you once we're ready to ship your kits. We'll need your address and any shipping/handling via Paypal to me before we ship. Like I say, we'll contact you with the total. If you can arrange a mule service we're willing to try. Just let us know and please don't make it a PITA.

****** August 7th Update ******

Ok, PayPals are IN! Thanks guys. I've either made arrangements or have been paid by everyone (well, still waiting on one last reply) so it's looking like there may only be 2 kits available from the waitlisters. Topazpilot - you'll be hearing from me as soon as I hear from the last person. Stu and Suirendoujin you two are looking good for getting kits. We'll PM to let you know for sure ASAP. Please wait to hear from us.

For those of you that are thinking about not being here for the first get together to pick up a kit and HELP with the parts, Greg and I will think up something and post it here. We really want to have everyone particapate here with us but also understand that's not always possibly and we for sure want all who want to join in to join in.

**** Update - Paying Participants Please READ ****

Our threads tend to fill up with lots of umm... stuff. Yeah stuff, that's it, and lots of great pictures but it's still your job to keep an eye out in these first two posts to stay up to date with the latest info!

That is all (for now),
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