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BL, looks great. Is it my eyesite or did you add a little downthrust?

Good idea mounting the batteries in the cockpit as mail. I didn't think of that, as I wanted mine forward. I just finished cutting my hatch like the one you photo'd at SEFF. Since I'm using the Rimfire 120, 6 cells is fine, and I can do any combo. I also use those new series connectors from MAXX/MPI. I like them.

You would be grossly overpowered with the Power 160, believe me. Even your 110 will normally be flown at 1/2 throttle or less, or you'll tear the wings off. The ONLY time mine sees full throttle on my GP P-6E, which is the same size and weight, is when I want to climb till it's out of site. My 160 is in the Staggerwing in my avatar, which weighs almost 22 lbs, and it goes vertical till I stop. I'm thinking of putting another Rimfire in the P-6E, as they are nowhere near as powerful as the E-Flite motors. Not anything against the Rimfires, I now have 4, it's just that the E-Flite's are greatly UNDER rated.

How much trouble did you have mounting your cowl?? I'm thinking of taking a small part off the fuse ring, as it's cicumference is slightly bigger than my cowl. It will only go in by turning 90 dgress and then straightening.

Good luck on the maiden. Mine might be about two weeks away. Get videos!!!
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