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Originally Posted by Tony_Fletcher View Post
Just wanted to say thanks for a very informative thread. I purchased a cam from one of your post #3 vendors and it arrived in perfect working order.

I then used your tutorial to remove the time stamp and now I'm excited to attach the cam not only to my model aircraft, but a full scale plane too. I'm a student working on my PPL and I hope to use the cam to record some lessons for later review.

I wonder if there's a way to get audio from my headset to the cam? That would be perfect!
Hi Tony, welcome to the thread.

The #11 does not have any audio/video in/out ports. But if you could put a splitter jack in your headset cable, there's a couple ways you could integrate the audio into the video clips:

1. Feed the headset splitter signal to a small speaker next to the camera... it would pick up the audio from that and record it with the video. But the downside is the camera's mic is fairly sensitive, so it would also pick up motor/wind noise as well as any other cockpit sounds.

2. Feed the headset signal to some other recording device that has audio in/out compatible with that signal level. Then after the flight, feed that recording into your computer and save as an audio file (if not directly useable on a flash memory card from the recording device). You can then load the #11 video into a simple editor, mute the #11 camera's recorded audio, and overlay the headset recording onto the video, and save that file. You'd need to sync the headset audio with the camera's video if you don't start both recordings at the same time. This is a lot more work, but the advantage is your final video would have ONLY your headset audio when you play it back.
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