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Carlo, this has been done. Do a search on "prismatic". This guy took 600mah cells from a cell phone (18g ea cell). He make a pack from 4 of these (2x2) and got 25min flight times on a hornet. I know this is too heavy for a house fly, but the ever so popular qualcomm 830's weigh in at about 1.9oz for two cells, which is just a tad more than the "starter pack" that MIA recomends (cheap too about $2.50 for a flight pack). I've tested this and even keeping the protection circuit in tack that I can pull 2.8 amps without any problems, and maybe more. People even say that they have pulled as much as 4amps from these cells. I use these on my planes with the same drive system that pulls about 1.8 amps and get flight times of +30min!! With more current draw from the heli, sure this will go down, but its certainly gotta be a heck of alot more than 3min!! I'm eager to try these cells if i ever recieve my fly. Whatever you do, dont pay that much for cells, you can get cell phone batteries on ebay for a small fraction of that are the same thing!!
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