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Good and cheap XBee replacement

After squeezing the head, we found the treasure's key and these modules are working fine with Windows 7.

All Apm features are working with wireless connection, except the setup cos wireless cant work with CLI mode....

Now is not necessary change nothing in the code. XD

Wireless module configuration:

1.- Download the usb drivers, uninstall the defaults for windows and install the Silabs ones:

2.- Download the app:

3.- Connect one module to usb adapter and both to PC.

4.- Open setup program "RF-ANET" gotten from APC220 manufacture. CP2102 has found the default serial port "COM87".However, RF-ANET can not open the port.

5.‐ In the Device Manager, set the serial port to COM4 or a similar free one (on most modern computers COM 1 & 2
aren't in use) , re‐insert the USB adapter and open RF‐ANET, click the "Read R" button. Everything should be alright if the
status bar displays "read succeed!" which means you are able to communicate with the APC220.
If you are still having problems starting the program, right click on the *.exe file and select "Open as Administrator". A
file called netsetup.ini should be created containing the settings.

6.- Change "RF TRx rate" to 19200bps and "Serial Rate" to 57600bps. then press Write, "write succeed¡" must appears.

7.- Make the same to the other wireless module.

8.- Connect the copter wireless module, like that:

TX----------------------------RX3 Serial #3 port
RX----------------------------TX3 Serial #3 port
VCC--------------------3.3v TO 5V VCC PIN
GND--------------------------GND PIN.

9.- In the Apm, take care to change the the bauds to 57600bps, and put the wireless module COM.
10.- Push connect and.................. It Workssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Megapirates, APM working connection with APC220 Wireless modules. Desktop PC (0 min 46 sec)

Megapirates, APM working connection with APC220 Wireless modules. Laptop PC (1 min 1 sec)

Probando WIRELESS APC220 (0 min 52 sec)

F@ck y@u Xbee

Notice: In most European countries you need to select 433MHz as RF frequency since everything above is restricted and
you need a amateur radio license.
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