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Originally Posted by wheelspinner20 View Post
believe me, I can mess up anything!

I don't know whats wrong. But a few clues. In random order. My version of WLMM is missing the slow motion, or time adjustment feature as you can see. My friend showed me a screen cap of his under the Edit tab, the adjustment section on his has 3 tools, background, duration and a third feature that i don't have.!

Also, I just toggled to the widescreen aspect ration so you can see what I see. Oh yes, black borders... ??

Also, when I play recorded raw video on 3 of 4 different laptops, it gives a wild intermittent pixelatied digital scramble in WMP(see attached screen cap) but Quicktime plays flawlesly.! on one of the laptops, I accidently forgot to open with Quicktime, and his WMP played the clip just fine??? I don't get it.

I clicked on properties of one of the saved finished movies and it is indeed saved as WMV not the other you mentioned.?

Last night, for the first time, I plugged in the cam and windows gave me a prompt that this device would be best used if plugged into a USB 2.0 port.!!?? that was wierd.

Is the wierd pixelation scrambling thing in WMP related to the reduced display size? Is it possible that 3 different machines have a problem child version of WMP? is it a 32 bit vs 64bit OS issue?

When you get a chance. I don't have alot of time to play around with it.

I may have missed it, but are you playing directly from the camera, or loading the file from the camera to the Hard Disk and then viewing it - in these various machines ?
because some programs definitly don't like playing direcftly from the camera - especially if the machine thinks if is USB1 - not enough bandwidth.
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