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I updated the review a little bit.

- Added some minor information about the TX (binding and trimming.)
- Now that the battery has worn in I am receiving a full 6 minutes of flight.
- Experimented with the Xtreme carbon fibre flybar for the Solo Pro.

About obtaining more performance, I don't think a more powerful motor will do much. I think the main reason for the lack of speed is the servo travel, it is very limited. There is plenty of room for the servos to travel before they hit their endpoints, but they don't come anywhere near it.

The next thing that will help is adding a lighter flybar. The weights on the JC flybar are larger and heavier than those of the Solo Pro, so fitting a Solo Pro flybar would most likely provide a more crisp response. I have tried the Xtreme Solo Pro flybar with medium weights and noticed a slight increase in response with no loss of stability.

Shifting the battery forwards towards the front of the helicopter increases forwards speed. You can do this by sliding it in backwards (i.e. from the front of the skids as opposed to the rear).

I guess the last thing you could try is some weight reduction. Not sure where you could strip weight though. The Solo Pro skids look like they will be lighter and are a direct fit. You might need to modify the battery tray a little though.
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