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Nice Tiggie.

Your main wheels were up before the tailwheel...

I'd start by checking your CG, it looked a little tail heavy when it took off nose-first and the tail started to yaw earthward as she stereotypically rolled to the left. It's usually easy to spot tail-heaviness by making a few "bank and yank" turns... if the tail sags as you roll, you are most likely tail heavy. ("Sagging tail" could also be adverse yaw, but I doubt it on a Tiger Moth... that's more of a high-wing/high-aspect-ratio issue and most biplanes don't have that problem... but you could always mix in some rudder with the ailerons for good measure).

If your CG is to spec, next check your motor thrust angle... it might need more down-thrust and you have instead trimmed the elevator down to compensate. An easy way to tell if the thrust is off is to eliminate the motor from the equation... get some height, cut the throttle, and see how she glides in a shallow dive. If you are still porpoising with the motor off, then it's not the thrust angle.

Are your interplane struts backwards? More than once I've seen someone assemble a biplane with the struts backwards, so the top wing ends up with too much positive incidence.

Lastly, I'd just check that elevator servo... maybe it's twitchy (test it with a bit of load on it), or maybe it's too sensitive and you need some exponential. I'd try 30% and go from there.

P.S. - I see you are from Gulf Shores. My in-laws go there every other year or so for family vacation. I always make a trip to Pensacola while I'm there to check out the air museum.
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