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More wings

Now that the top cut is made it's time to sheet the top. I'm using Dollar Tree foam. You can use balsa or Obeci veneer, even cardboard or coroplast. I pre form the foam skin to the top shape. Apply glue (white Gorilla glue in this case), place the foam skin in place and replace the top building board and pile some weights on top. Here's another huge benefit to this method: The building board only applies clamping pressure where the ribs are. You can get away with sheeting with a soft material like DT foam without it sagging between the ribs!

Once the glue is dry, remove the building board and apply a few pieces of double sided tape to the root, tip and one or two of the center ribs. Carefully replace the building board back on the skin taking care to line it up with the lower board exactly. Add the lower templates and cut the bottom surface. Now you have the half sheeted wing stuck firmly to the opposite building board - holding it perfectly straight.

Fit the spar and dihedral brace. The main spar is vertical grain 1/8" balsa capped with 3mm bamboo. I made a test wing with this spar and it worked well. More flex than a hardwood spar but it didn't break. Almost an ounce lighter too. The spar blank in the photo will make both spars. I drop it in place and mark it at the rib locations. Cut the spar blank in half 3mm below the marks to compensate for the 3mm bamboo that will be glued to the bottom of the spar. The dihedral brace is done the same way except I used 1/8" Aspen (it's similar to Basswood). I forgot to add a block of foam for the aileron servo mount before I cut the lower surface so I had to shape a block and add it now. I used a sharpened brass tube to cut the holes for the servo wires. If I needed any other structure for landing gear, flaps, lights, etc. I would add that now. I don't need it here but to make balsa or plywood doublers for LG etc. I would have traced the top of the appropriate wing ribs after the first cut, and traced the bottoms after the second cut.

When all the internal work was done I added the bamboo to the spar and glued on the bottom skin in the same fashion I did the top.
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