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Maiden Flights went great - lots of fun to fly

Things to know about the Stinson - During the maiden flights recently completed, I learned several note worthy flight characteristics about this great plane. The first is to be aware that if you engage the flaps in normal flight the plane will climb quickly. Next, I learned that flying it to slowly may encourage a "tip stall" in a sharp turn. The lesson there is pretty simple, don't fly it too slowly!

The plane really wants to fly, so take off is easy. The plane handles well on the ground, so no worries there. Landing you need to keep some power on, using the flaps, with the nose pointing slightly down, the plane will land it's self. Don't get the nose up on landing it. You should actually be controlling the decent with the throttle. The flaps help to slow it down.

I really like the plane and am very happy I got one instead of a Cub. Cubies are great planes for sure, but I think the Stinson has a lot more character!

Good purchase
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