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Originally Posted by JoeMamma View Post
I'm still seeing a lot of talk about failing retracts and the wood retract mountings........I'm wondering why ?

If you make perfect landings, the EFlites (with or without the TAM's struts) will work great........but make just one less than perfect landing, especially on grass..............

I still don't understand why EFlite would choose to use their 15-25 size light-duty retracts and the very light-duty wood retract mounting. The 15-25 size is only good for a MAXIMUM weight of about 7 pounds ?? It seems that most of the Habu's are coming out at over 7 pounds.

Was this EFlite decision made just to keep overall weight to a minimum ?

I'm still planning on using the 60-120 EFlites for my own Habu. They are good for up to 15 pounds.

I'm curently using three different sets now on a Hangar 9 Phoenix 7 (about the same weight as the Habu), an EFlite Deuces Wild and a TopFlite P-51. So far they have been problem free and very dependable, even after having a number of less than perfect landings.

The Habu will require pulling off the lower wing sheeting and some additional redesign and fabrication on my part, but not too difficult a task. The only problem will be a little extra weight, but they should be very dependable.

Maybe I missed it, but I've read this entire thread and don't remember seeing any pictures of any other retracts besides the light-duty EFlites ? Has anyone added any stronger retracts ? Any pictures ?

When I convert mine I promise to take a lot of pictures..........just need to get off of my butt and get started. Hey.......wait a minute.......this is summertime here in Michigan......summertimes for flying, not building !

Joe M.
Just out of mere curiosity, why are you not considering the 25-46 size instead of jumping straight to the 60-120? Seems to me that the setup needs just a little more and the 25-46 are metal setups:

- Birger
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