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HPP-22 Firmware Upgrade - Telemetry System Command Center

HPP-22 V1.10(0)
1. Telemetry monitoring display function and firmware update function have been separated.
- Firmware update function : Select "Update / Setting" category
- Telemetry monitoring display : Push "HTS-CC(Hitec Telemetry System Command Center)" Icon

2. New HTS-NAVI(Wireless telemetry receiver) has been added in HTS-CC.

Prompt appears when connecting HPP-22 to PC, self explanatory pictures and documents are attached.

Current firmware for optimum performance:
. Aurora 9 V1.09(0) 20 Sept 2012
. Eclipse 7 Pro V1.03(0) 26 Sept 2012
. Optic 6 Sport V1.05(0) 26 Sept 2012
. Spectra 2.4Ghz Module firmware V3.01 18 April 2011
(How to update Hitec TX with fixed "modules" such as Eclipse 7 Pro, Optic 6 Sport & Optic 5)
. Optima 6, 7 & 9 Ch Transceiver Firmware V2.02(0) 07 Oct 2011
. HPP-22 Software Version V1.15(1) 21Nov 2013 (Details and pictorial "How to" install)
. HTS-Navi Firmware V1.03 31 July 2011
. HTS-Voice 1.03(1) 05 March 2012.

22Nov11 Update:
. Refer list of firmware updates, new pdf attached.
. HPP-22 - How To Install & Use Instruction - FAQ with pictures.

05 March 2012:
HPP-22 V1.12(0) now available.
1. Uninstall old V1.111(1) using the HPP-22 uninstall program as pictured.
Do Not attempt to use Windows add/remove program app.
2. Download V1.12(0) from
Download Station
as shown picture 2.
3. Copy latest edition of "readme" is attached.
4. If HPP-22 is connected and a runtime error occurs, close program and disconnect HPP-22 from USB port,
before trying to run the program again otherwise runtime errors will continue.

26 September 2012:
HPP-22 Upgrade to V1.13(0) .
. Uninstall earlier version from PC then install latest version.

Upgrade detail:
Eclipse 7 Pro 2.4Ghz V1,03(0) Upgrade
- added Upgrade Mode and HPP-22 Mode
- Added HTS-S Advance Display
-Model Data can save to PC and bring the Data from PC
(Eclipse .set files are not recognised by an Aurora 9)
- Improved latency

Optic 6 Sport 2.4 V1.03 (0) Upgrade
- Improved Latency
Aurora 9 V1.09(0) Upgrade.

18 January 2013
HPP-22 Firmware Upgrade V1.14(0) - procedure.
Version Information : HPP-22 V1.14(0)
1. HTS-VOICE Firmware update and Set up can be upgraded by HPP-22.
2. Firmware update for HTS-VOICE (Ver.1.04(0))!!
- HTS-Advance sensor voice.

14 May 2013
Please refer HPP-22 program file V1.14(1) procedure.

"HPP-22 v1.14(1) : New Firmware updates for HPP-22

HPP-22 Software Version 1.14(1)
H4 New Firmware Version 1.02(1)

How to update H4 firmware - manual

26 July 2013
HPP-22 v1.15(0) : New Firmware updates for HPP-22

1. New HTS-ADVANCE screen is created
Before, HTS-SS NITRO, BLUE, ADVANCE screens are separated,
but all screens are combined by ALL HTS-SS screen

2. HTS-VOICE V1.04(1) patch
- Altitude Reset Function added
When HTS-VOICE is using HTS-GPS and Variometer together,
altitude will have auto
- reset when HTS-Voice turned on.

Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, Spectra Modules & Optima Transceivers
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan Tong
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

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