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Up Up and Away!!!

I flew in a light crosswind (<5 kt), enough to confound beginning trim settings, but light enough to fly without difficulty. It's a very responsive aircraft; snappy. It flies very well at slow speeds and on landing. I would say it floats.

I balanced the plane at about 1.25 (low tech finger balance). On takeoff, I had to put in significant elevator to gain altitude. Then, it wanted to dive shallowly at all throttle settings. I brought it down and added in some elevator, but because of the wind I'm not satisfied that I understand what's happening yet. I'm wondering if I still need to move the wing forward.

It had a pronounced right bank that I have attributed to minor variations in my build wing and control surfaces. I think one of the ailerons is warped a bit. So, initially, I added lift on the right and added spoil on the left. That adjustment leveled it off, but made the ailerons visibly out of line at the center by about 1/8 inch.

Throughout the maiden flight, I landed a dozen times to mess with the ailerons, elevator and rear wheel. Absolutely no problems. On one occasion, I was at low altitude and outbound and the low-battery throttle cut in. I had to do a low throttle 180 turn and land. It performed very well under those conditions. In fact, I had to minimize elevator while turning, even though it was a tight turn.

Overall, very nice. I'm looking forward to logging more hours and some acrobatics. Thanks J Karpy.

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