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Hello All,

Well It seems to me there is some tears running down some cheeks here about run times.

Well let me tell you all what you do or dont want to hear, and I hope I dont make anyone upset but thats the way it is. I feel we are all adults or close to it to be able to tell someone the truth.

Ok, first off when I whet to the one meet and watched everyone fly, I noticed not one person was flying forward flight, and if they were they were on the way in to the deck! Everyone was in a tail in hover at various altitudes.

Now when you are flying in this fashion you have a few things going on;

1). Ground efect (If you are 2 feet or lower from the deck)

2). Rotor hub reflow (If you are 2 feet or highter from the deck)

Ok now in either case you are having to throttle up more than need be to stay in the air. There for you have Less run time.

Now if you do forward flight, you will use less throttle as the rotor disk will be creating lift as in the case of a fixed wing aircraft (thats as it was desined to do and the laws of physics say so).

Now as Walt thinks,,, 2.5 minutes on a 150 mah pack, He lost the bet if anyone was betting. I get 3 -3.25 minutes in a hover. BUT, if I am in forward flight,,, I gotten up to 4.5 minutes of run time.

Now If you guys get out of the tail end hovering, and explore your flight envilope, you will see that you can vary your throttle and you will see were you can conserve enrgy as you are flying. There is no reason you should peg the trottle and fly like that. It takes alot more enrgy to hover than anything else you will do. So stop hovering!!!!!!

Get it up ,,, hover for a second,, swing the tail in both directions to see if everything is safe and ok to go, Then go paint the sky!

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