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Alright, conversion went relatively smooth. I decided to just chance my esc and guess at the correct combination. I was relatively simple as there really are only 2 ways to separate the wires. Problem though, maybe you guys can help me decipher the following information.

Unfortunately I do not have a solid state adjustable power supply. I will get one eventually, but my batteries will have to do for now.

I also replaced the bearings with semi ceramics.

I took two measurements of the new KV.

V= 11.43
Io= 1.68V
RPM= 5400

V= 15.16
Io= 1.8

I am seeing about 472kv and relatively the same Io, which seems wrong to me. That means the difference in KV factor is 1.92, and I was expecting about 520kv. I would expect the bearing change to help rpms and lower Io. Did I screw something up? Is it possible this is an esc issue? Maybe wrong timing? Thoughts?
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