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(Dispatching CIA wetwork team to jasmine2501's house, now to keep him distracted until they arrive...)

I already posted my alternative. 144mhz 2-meter foxhunt transmitter. Just leave it on the whole time you fly. There's a portion of the 2-meter band that is unofficially? reserved for telemetry and CW transmissions, so you shouldn't bother anyone.

Thanks for the link to that guy's website, he seems to have alot of cool projects.

Notice he only sells kits, and offers the plans for free. On that page is his disclaimer, YOU must comply with Part 15 of the FCC rules. If he sold the completed transmitter it would probably be illegal. He is not breaking the law if you are the one who builds and operates the transmitter.

You could build and use it anyway, in a vacant part of the band, at such a low power it probably wouldn't cause any harm. But the best range he says you might get under ideal conditions (yeah right) is 1 mile.

My link to the 2-meter DIY transmitter says it puts out 40mw. My (ancient) Icom IC-2A handheld 2-meter radio on low power puts out 12mw, and a fellow ham with a directional antenna can clearly copy me from 9 miles away in another city. Line-of-sight, no hills between us, mostly just river and woods. Since our FPV planes may drift far from where we lose video or control before actually hitting the ground i'd like all the radio beacon range i can get.
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