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Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. Means a lot to me.

So, the last thing I did last night was to hinge the control surfaces. I use tape hinges but done slightly differently than how I see others do it.

One problem I've had in the past with tape hinges is that the tape tends to come off the depron after some time. My solution to that is to cut a grove for the hinges but not all the way through. That leaves the shiny 'skin' of the depron uncut which protects the tape from becoming unstuck. I then tape the inside of the grove with masking tape to protect it. I find masking tape sticks better to cut or sanded depron.

Of course if you have glass tape then maybe all the above isn't necessary but I'm a cheapskate and packing tape is cheaper :P

I've tried hot glue hinges but the quality of the hinge depends on the glue. When I use the bendy, more rubbery glue then the hinge works well but when I use the harder, more brittle glue then it tends to break. The problem for me is that around here the glue are typically sold unbranded and even from the same store you sometimes get one type and sometimes the other. I just can't depend on the quality of the glue sticks around here and I don't like depending on luck.

Anyway, here are some progress pics:
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