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Search and Rescue (well maybe just search)

So Jimmy met Damon and I at the airport.
Name: rescue plane.jpg
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Description: Search and Rescue airplane
(search and rescue plane)

After a quick preflight and a long taxi (we had to take off on 11L due to wind) we were in the air.

10 minutes later we over tabletop mountain making our first run. We flew by and saw nothing.
We then made a pass going the other way coming over the mountain
(almost the same path that the FPV plane took, without the corkscrew at the end) and still nothing.
With our hopes starting to get down, we went around for another pass.
We had completely passed the area and I looked back and ... what's that ...
Name: plane1.jpg
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Description: What's that?

lets do another pass.
looking ... looking ... there
Name: plane2.jpg
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Description: another pass Name: plane3.jpg
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Description: looks kind of like a plane Name: plane4.jpg
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Description: Name: plane5.jpg
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Description: Name: plane6.jpg
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Lets do a head on pass just to make sure we know we got it in a picture
Name: plane7.jpg
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Description: Name: plane8.jpg
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That has got to be it (in the shape of a plane and somewhere hard to spot from the ground.
Name: happyfpv.jpg
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Description: Happy FPVer
Happy FPVer
Name: happyflightcrew.jpg
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Description: Happy flight crew
and Happy flight crew

But that was not the end of the day. On the way back to the airport, the ATIS said the airport would be closed starting at 8:00PM.
When we landed, we saw a bunch of cool old planes and some type of party going on.
We went over to investigate and saw a Mig 15, a T33, and a bunch of other old cool aircraft. We also saw a jet powered sailplane with fireworks attached all over it, a Beach 18 with lights mounted all over it (and I mean all over it), and there was either a su-26 or su-29 with lights on it.
We asked and someone told us there was going to be a private night airshow for Pilatus owners (well I hope to own one someday, so count us in).
So Damon and I ate at the airport grill and watched our first ever night airshow. Making an awesome ending to a great day (except for the going to work part).

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