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So planes aren't allowed in the parks? Ok. You know how to get around that? Fly from your car. It's not easy, but it can be done with proper planning. You are going to want a fairly directional antenna to eliminate the multipth interference from the car body. Also, be prepared to move the car, so having an alternative landing spot is important. You also MUST have an OSD onboard the scout plane.

You need 3 people:

A pilot
A spotter
A co pilot

The pilot and spotter are obvious. The co pilot switches between a second screen, spotting the area, and looking out for local probems. The co pilot is the coordinator.

Pull off the side of the road where there is room to land the plane. Set the whole thing up on the roof of your car. When the coast is clear, launch. The pilot and copilot get back inside the car, the spotter is outside watching. The copilot's job is to search for the downed plane. The pilot's job is to fly it. Make a few passes of the area and turn home before your battery gets low. Be prepared to ditch the plane early. When flying out to the location, look for a good alternative landing site away from the road. This way you can set the scout plane down inconspicuously.

If I were within 3 hours of you, I'd drive down there and we'd get your plane back.

Having a 4th person on the ground near the proposed crash site (preferrably on a radio, not a cell phone) would be extremely helpful, especially if you need to make an emergency landing.

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