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Originally Posted by JBeloncik View Post
I don't know why, but I am kind of obsessed with analyzing this video! Google maps was pretty disappointing, but Google Earth is downright scary! Comparing the video to the Google Earth view, I think others have pointed out the right general area. Since it obviously isn't right out in the open, I am guessing the remains are either wedged into the rock crevices or possibly in the larger tree.

Good luck!

Note to self: If I ever get around to building my own plane, paint it bright orange!

Edit: Damn, on closer look in Google Earth, that rocky/bushy area looks pretty nasty too! If you went straight into that at high speed, it could be almost impossible to find unless you step on it!
I'm actually thinking someone found it based on that path to the right of the picture you posted (going top to bottom of the pic to the right of your circles). Hopefully it's hidden in some bushes, but the area doesn't look so remote people are't out there. That trail tells me people are on that every day. And chances are someone could have been out there when it happened and watched or heard it go down. White foam sticks out amongst green when on the ground. If it was visible from the trail I bet someone grabbed it.

We all agree on the spot, and the spot is pretty small considering other searches I've helped on, if you can't find it on a few trips, it may not be there. Still, there might be some evidence of foam cause it didn't look like it was gliding in softly. Who knows?

Oh yeah, and if you find it, you must document it's lying position, and anything that will show the area and how close we may have been on it's whereabouts. I've found that LOS guys tend to think the plane went further than it really did... hard to say on FPV.
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