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Any/every plane with a lot of camber will produce adverse yaw if you don't either set
up some differential in the aileron throws (more up throw than down), or
an aileron to rudder mix. The lifting wing always produces more drag
than the dropping one. It has almost nothing to do with the bevel on the hingeline.
Mine doesn't do it.

Any plane with a high mounted pusher will push the nose down the moment
you mash the throttle. It's an inertia thing (pushing forward above the center of
mass of the plane causes a forward pitching moment), not an aerodynamic one. The
cure for that, is don't mash the throttle. Ease into it. What's important is
whether it pitches up or down at higher airspeeds. If you find you have to push
more and more down elevator as the plane flies faster, you're nose heavy. If it
continues to pitch down by itself as it goes faster, it's tail heavy. Generally you
want something close to neutral that can cruise level hands off.

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