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Originally Posted by FLY F3B View Post
When I ordered my 6255's I knew the antennas were shorter than I needed. So, I asked the guys at JR/Horizon to extend them for me, and they did. I am think they would do that for you too if you asked. Dan's post shows how long the portion in the wing needs to be, but you also need 1.5" to 2" within the fuse so things aren't pulled to tightly.

Make sure when you do this install that the antenna ends are not swinging forward back to the D-box. My tubes rotated a bit, and I need to fix them so I get best possible reception for this configuration.

It should also be noted that this is not, repeat NOT the way the radio manufactures recommend that the antenni be installed. It is always best for reception to have the antenna sticking outside if the possibility exists for Carbon to shield the antenna. But, I like living on the edge I guess.

Fly hard boys!

Needless to say how happy I am tonight, cooling down my happiness by 6 times a couple of beers about the little package I received from you today, containing Dan's truly master pieces of wing (+ tail feather) bags, I never dreamed of could be possible to make it that awesome way..... I just love it...... Love it ! Outstanding!!!!

OK.... back to the antenna... At the begin I had some similar problems... to get it long enough... ACT of Germany helped me out a bit and created 20cm long pig tail antennas, which are just made to fit in and make reception, as far I can state, perfect, for any RX providing the standard micro coaxial plugs.

Those pig tail antennas can be fit to almost every existing RX to provide the required antenna length to make Mike's antenna system work.
In small quantities I can supply most urgent cases and soon I will have sufficient stock to supply any dement arising. Don't ask me for any pricing yet....just don't know, until I will get pricing from ACT Germany. For me, the very first redundant 2.4 GHz system made by ACT has provided an overall trouble free operation of my planes since. Any other system with single antenna TX and other than 3D double RX'es have cost me a lot of planes and repair(if it was possible).
Sorry for the little advertisement.....I mean it for good!


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