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You have six bundle ends on the 12 arm stator so it is a DLRK wind.

The six ends are gathered and joined as three pairs. And, of course, there is no Wye bundle.

Delta System (what you have now)
Point 1: Solder S1 and E3 together
Point 2: Solder S2 and E1 together
Point 3: Solder S3 and E2 together

Note: Point 1, Point 2 and Point 3 are connected to Electronic Speed Control (ESC)

To change that to the star or Wye system:

Star (Wye) System
Solder E1, E2, E3 together
Note: S1, S2 and S3 are connected to ESC.

Just to make sure we are reading from the same sheet of music, you can look at this kit motor assemblhy instruction manual:

And see exactly how the phases were wound and how they are terminated. The stator arms are arbitrarily numbered 1 through 12 in the instructions and you can see the which arm number each phase starts on and ends on. So if you separate your three pairs into six separate ends and use an Ohm meter you can check to make sure where the starts and ends are.

The attached image shows how I think you will find the motor to be wound but, of course, it may be different and this might not work for your.

But if it is the same then it is just a case of joining the three "End" ends together to make the Wye bundle and putting the ESC connectors on the three remaining "Start" ends.

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