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Whats the wrst that can happn?
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I fly an 11in prop so I know you can fit it on the stock mount but there needs to be some minor adjustments.

1. shave the mount flat and attach a ply firewall
2. do a 3 screw mount where the 4th unused screw hole is just slightly above the pod (cut off since it isn't being used) and the two on either side are up as far as you can go...obviously the 3rd used screw hole is at the bottom
3. shave away some foam from the boom, under the prop
4. if the pod isn't angled up enough, put a washer under the bottom mount screw hole so you get the tilt up you need.

Flies great this way

Originally Posted by henkvdw View Post
What size prop are you planning to run on 4S?
The prop data charts for the Scorpion 830 kV motor indicates running up to a 11 inch prop. This will require a modified motor mount to fit the prop. Running smaller props may work but you may not get all the thrust you want/need.
Alternatively look at the 1040 kV motor. Prop size comes down to 10" or possibly 9".
The Scorpion ESC, although good, is not needed.
The TGY ESCs will work just fine and is a popular choice for the SW.
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