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Originally Posted by markus123456 View Post
If you are on a tight budget, the standard transmitter will be ok for you I think. The standard tx I initially had, soon had issues with the connectors. One of the reasons why I created mine. I recommend you to solder the cables directly in with the standard tx and this way you should be safe. The standard one is also almost double the weight and bigger, and the noise filter is not as good as the filter used in mine.

I think a lot of people are happy with the standard transmitter. I don't see a reason why someone MUST buy mine. It's an offer from my end for those searching for a better tx for the formentioned reasons. It's surely better quality (size, weight, filtering, connectors etc.). If you don't buy one, I have more spartime to spend on (finally) building my new FPV platform so I have no problem with that! If you buy one, I will be happy to make you one too. So either way it's fine with me.

Thanks Markus,
I think i will seal some time from your new fpv platform, just a couple of days later, if that is fine
PS. do you have any comment on the list of receivers (post 152), it is a bit strange about prices of the same rx (if those are the same) in range $26 to $45
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