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To give you an idea how I think..

I got 2x 4000mah 4s 45-90c Turnigy nanotechs
a 4000mah 5s 45-90c Turnigy nanotech
A zippy flightmax 4000mah 5s 40c pack
and a 4000mah 4s 25-50c Turnigy nanotech

on the lower mah range I got 3x 2200mah 45-90c nanotech pack

Now I try to keep my setups o based on those batteries. I got a pattern plane which flies on all the 4s packs and also the 4s 2200mahs in parallel so I bought a 900kv motor for that one
My F-22 raptor is flying on both 4s and 5s and that powersystem is going on the meteor
It used to be flying on 2200mah but I modded the battery compartment and fitted the larger packs

My next project after the Meteor is a flyfly Mirage. I want to build that for speed too
I'm putting a HET 1500kv motor and a HET9305 fan in that . I could have gone with 1680kv and fly on bothe 8s. I will go with the 1500 and I can still fly on 8s 9s and 10s too so I can cycle all the batteries and the new ones that I'm going to buy. I will also be able to put a stumax fan in there in the future and fly on 5s. I will buy a new 4s 45c nanotech another 5s and another zippy 4s 4000mah 40c so that I can fly my meteor with them and the flyfly on 9s with the zippys.

the 2200mah ones can still fly on the F-22 rebuild which is going to get the stock meteor setup with a HET fan
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