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Make one!
Here's how I did it:

1)I got 5-6 tacs (the nail type, not the big flat-head ones) of about one inch long.

2) Make sure the pointed end fits snuggly, but not to tight into one of the TX socket holes.

3)Cut 1/4" or so of the head end off them.

4)Round the pointed end a little bit.

5)Now make the metal cylinder that fits into the round slot encasing the pins of the plug. I used a piece of Aluminium flashing (a can will work) to make a small cylinder that is about 5/8" tall.

6) Slide the cylinder into the TX port in the round slot.

7) Cut a peice of paper the exact diameter of the cylinder. Slide it inside to the bottom of the cylinder against the TX port.

8) Insert the pins into the TX socket, peircing the paper.

9)Make sure the pin holes and cylinder walls are snug.

10)Mix a batch of fast-set Epoxy. Pour the Epoxy into the cylinder, filling it to about 1/4 inch or so, being sure to leave the top of the pins exposed.

9)Let the Epoxy set.

10) Pull the new plug and clean it up.

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