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Just a reminder, we have a method to our madness at SCSR. White Point is a baseball field, and only available for our use on Sundays because it is used for (gasp) baseball on Saturdays...
Also, we intentionally schedule events on both Saturdays and Sundays so that those with obligations one weekend day may get out and race the other.
And, SCSR always attempts to work with the locals of any spot, to try not to "dominate" "their" site. An example is Grass Mountain. The local groups there prefers one day over the other, so we try to schedule all races on their "off" day....
Lastly, we try not to schedule our dates to conflict with other type sailplane events, i.e. larger hand launch or thermal contests. After all, some of us fly both.

So, managing the racing schedule is always a headache, and never easy, but we do the best we can, and it will never be perfect for everyone.

Phil- Sorry for the miss spelling. To answer your question, there only used to be the one 2-day Torrey race; it actually was me that suggested we try another one there during the year, and I also lobbied for Bills Hill. It is because guys like Mark Canfield that come to so many races far from his residence, that I wanted more races south.
Still, Torrey has it's own set of extra problems that you may have overlooked as a Torrey local: Jellyfish, extra cost/hassle for the non-Torrey pilot flying there once a year...
These are real issues for the rest of us.
Regardless, I hope that we see you at a venue other than Torrey. Fermin's lift is especially outstanding, and I would say, regularly stronger than Torrey's is, and the wind is very consistent there also. We've been skunked many times at Torrey in recent years.

Have fun with the Fosa, what a beautiful plane!

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