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i recently purchased a Skyartec Cessna 182. After charging the battery and installing 8 AA batteries into the transmitter i powered everything up and tested all the servo functions and everything worked GREAT.

i decided to try out the FMS simulator that comes with the plane, Connected the USB cable to the TX and the computer and drivers were installed GREAT.
loaded the SKYARTEC CD and installed the FMS fine no problems.

Run the software, powered up the TX went to the control panel and selected "joystick Interface" as directed by the manual. Did the Mapping/Calibration and everything was GREAT.

Came out the Control Panel and loaded a model (Skyhawk 182) and started. The simulator started flashing so i turned the TEXTURES off (not a big deal).

Started flying TX responds perfectly with the simulator, plane flys perfect - NO ISSUES.

I power down the TX, disconnect the USB from the PC and the TX and went back to the RC. Powered on the TX and connected the battery to the RX (buzz buzz) goes the plane. Time to run a control test.

NOW the RC does not respond to the TX at all. I dont know what to do. Please Help
As THE Factory Authorized USA Distributor we see many issues that need some service or advice. I don't recall a problem like this one. I would suggest you contact your dealer for a service call or return to them to have them check it out. There is something definitely wrong with the setup
Sorry we couldn't give you a "fast fix"

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