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Demonstrating the claims

"Demonstrating the Claims":
So much to the claims. Here now some pictures/videos to demonstrate what has been, and what has not yet been achieved:

picture of BLBL lama V4 coax used for the developments and tests:

Here I wanted now to provide two videos, but I couldn't figure out of how to embeed in a similar way as the pictures or as it's seen in so many posts (somehow a usueful help does not seem to exist)(maybe some has an advice for me). So, sorry, I can just direct you to the following sites

video of the basic features and functions of the GA250 gyromixer in version 0.10:
[or for download]

flight video:
[or for download]

EDIT: A careful observer will realize the points which could still be improved. The tail is slightly drifting. I don't think that this is gyro drift, I mean, it's a MEMS gyro now. I rather think that it's due to the trivial effect that with lowering battery voltage during flight the prop doesn't stay constant. I hope that this will be solved by implementing a heading-hold gyro. Also, the tail yaws a bit upon sudden pitch pulses (what's the correct English word for that!?). I observed that, and tried to understand the origing, for quite a while now, but I still don't have a clue. Even with revo and a D term in the controller I couldn't get rid of that. Here too I hope that heading-hold will do the trick.

EDITII (Oct. 23 2011): heading hold is now fully implemented and IMHO working quite well. Newer videos demsonstrating the claims are available on my blog on this project (
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