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The whole thing started about 1 1/2 years ago, then I decided to also attempt a brushless conversion of my esky lama V4. Hence I bought one of these "plug-and-play" kits, which consist of the motors, the BESCs, and two converters. The conversion worked... but barely so... I didn't liked the performance at all. The tail was extremely waggy, and I found this inacceptable. The obvious next step would have been to go BLBL, but somehow I didn't liked that either. Instead I realized that the ESKy 4in1 can be remodelled such, by removing the original processor and replacing it by an Atmel Attiny 861, that I can program it with all functions I wanted to. This resulted in what I called the 4-1+2in1 project (4in1 with the BEC removed but a lipo saver and a light controller added). The first working version performed quite nicely, and I liked the lipo saver and the switchable lights (canopy lights, Landing light, spot light). I worked on putting this hardware-wise onto more "solid" grounds, but despite several attempts this never actually got to anything final. About a year ago, I started with CP helicopters, and as a result I got in touch with gyro's such as the HK401B or KDS800. Of course, I peeked inside them and realized that they provide all the hardware components needed to implement both the gyro and mixer function, and moreover the hardware was essentially identical to what I used already in the 4-1+2in1 project... and the coax gyromixer project was born. I developped this into a working version, but did not further pursue this path, since the 4-1+2in1 approach looked more appealing to me, on which I focused in the recent time. I fooled around a bit with the LPX brand of MEMS gyro from ST, but found them to be too vibration sensitive, and the latest attempt was hence based again on the Murata piezo gyro.

However, the appearance of the GA250 has quite changed the game. It made me to stop my latest attempt in the 4-1+2in1 project, since it made me realize that the time of piezo-gyro based projects has passed (I do not have - yet - the skills to solder ICs such as the new Invensense gyros), and on the other hand it pushed the coax gyromixer project back into the limelight, because of the coolness factor of a MEMS gyro and the cheapness of the GA250. The result you find below.
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