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How to avoid buying a lemon !

OK Guys - here's what I'd like to get going. Hands up anyone who has purchased (say) at least a hundred used model engines on eBay. For the benefit of the unwary newbie, could we please pool our accumulated knowledge and come up with some informative guidelines. To kick things off, here are some things that I look for in a 2nd hand engine.
1) I never buy an engine that has damage to the top of the fins,at the front of the cylinder head (this being the first to get damaged in a crash).
2) I never buy an engine which has vice marks on the edges of the mounting lugs (ugh !)
3) I'm turned off by burred screws & plier marks on the prop driver.
4) I look for originality (does the patina match a 60 year old engine, does it have repro parts ? ) especially under a good coating of dried oil and dirt.
Putting my money where my mouth is, here is an engine I bought just today -
Under that grime & dirt, there is a quite good looking, almost 60 year old engine which appears to be un-marked. Note there's no damage to the front of the head, and the edges of the exhaust stack are still crisp & square. No plier marks on the prop drive, and everything looks original although the prop washer is missing. I can't see the screw heads, and I'm not real pleased that someone has removed the backplate, but otherwise I feel confident that this will turn out to be a great engine. I won't get it until next week sometime, but after I clean it up I'll take some photo's and give you an honest verdict. In the meantime, what are your tips for buying ? BOB
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