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Kevin, Ouch on the stitches. Hopefully they will come out OK. The thought is usually worse than the actual proceedure. When I last had a bunch of stiches from dropping a body grinder with a fixed on switch onto my leg while lying on my back grinding a car (big ouch) I frequently applied 50-50 diluted hydrogen peroxide to the area to eat up any bad stuff. Word to the wise: never use a body grinder or other such rotary tool with a fixed on off switch; you need a trigger switch that releases if you drop the tool.

Hey Wayne, do you happen to have any sketches of that catapult. Or rough dimensions, like width, height at front, height at back, and length. Is it 1/2" or 3/4" PVC? Do you have a sketch of how the trip works or maybe an up close photo of the trip end. I see how it is hinged but am not sure how the bungee is held at the front. How long a bungee are you using? Would this launch a 4 lb Zeph flying wing do you think? I can get it off with a 25' bungee stretched out to about 75', but I need a person to release the plane. When I try to release it myself I just can't get on the sticks quick enough and the wing goes into the ground.
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