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Originally Posted by vh2q View Post
In fact, the nose of the fan is designed to provide cooling air to the motor (there is a hole in it), that would be lost if the fan were fixed to the shaft with an adapter.
That unique design 'feature' is IMO clearly by someone who has No knowledge of what they are doing. (charitably: rather limited)
Back in mid 90's it was common knowledge, often commented on, that with the Venerable (and yet to be improved upon, 16 years later) Wemo Minifan, the Backsides of the rotor and the front of the Plettenberg (brushed motors) were soon covered in a fine film of Brush carbon.
Gee.. How did that carbon efflux get all the way 'up there' struggling it's way forward directly against the massive flow of EDF air... sans benefit of clever spinner cooling holes
Clearly the people at AEO have never figured it out, if they even knew of the phenomena's existence :-)
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