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Originally Posted by flyhigh300 View Post
Thanks.. all..

it worked.. I when ahead and used another of the antennas (stock) .. found another.. so I have 2 stock.. to test with..but not sure its even worth it.... I can see the improvement already...

having them where there is no physical barriers (Walls) .. you see clear difference over the stock...

Stock .. it would cut out several times in a minute.. lets just say... 5 or so per minute.. sometimes more sometimes less.. did not have the patience to quantify it..

but with the 4(skew planer ) on the Rx and 3(clover) on the Tx It goes minutes.. with out cutting out.. maybe 10min.. ect..

HUGE.. improvement .. now it does this when both are stationary..

ok now here is the part where I ask the not so intelligent questions..

If I hold the .. Tx in my hand wave it around .. role it .. point it back ect..
ie..perform a simulation as if it on airplane.. it does go out very frequently..

now.. this is indoors.. so I'm thinking .. the walls furniture may be causing.. signal to get "scrambled" my not so technical term.. ... or even me holding is is not good..

I guess the ultimate test will be outdoors..

Now I saw a few post on here about encasing the antenna in foam,
I plan to use a FunCub.. that has large cavity in the fuse..
I was thinking of mounting it in the center tail section..

I used very soft cooper (phone wire) to make was thinking that may be a good idea.. as they are fragile.. or should I not waist time with that..

Well Thanks.. for this thread..

I have a few 900mhz setups that I never did anything with .. those will be next..
You can place your antenna inside the fuselage, no problem. Just make sure that the line of seight is maintained during regular flight manuvers. In other words, that the line between the antennas is never blocked by the motor, battery or other conductive parts. Best spot to place the antenna is below the belly which should not be a problem if you have a landing gear. Out on the wings is also good, or on the top of the rudder.

Getting strange results while holding the tx in your arms is not a surprize. The body also operates like a ground and will have influence on the tuning of the antenna. Then, you of course also can block the signal with your body etc. etc.


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