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Originally Posted by Goofy23 View Post
One thing.
I ordered another batch of the Flyduino, this time the 2.0 version.
It will have a slight change in the serials, thats it.
I want to hear your opinion of allready presoldered Pinheaders on it.
I will choose the straight versions for most of them, 3 row angled ones are very expensive.
But what you guys think.
Its good to have presoldered straight pins, or will you more like the freedom of chossing it by yourself?
Although my eyesight isnt as good as it used to be i still prefere to solder my own pinheaders, but i can see some people would like the presoldered option so how about giving the choice of either way. As far as angled headers are concerned, i have tryed them and they do reduce hight but at the cost of spreading sideways a bit, i certainly dont think they are worth the extra cost though.

Just my 2P's worth

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