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Originally Posted by Helitime View Post
Thanks rhawk, good to know on the stall. I have balanced also so should be the same. I was too busy enjoying the flat glide you gave me , slows right down and just floats past. Looks nice about 6' up, sliding by.

Did you find the ailerons more sensitive as the C/G is moved back?

Good to hear it worked for you!

Well, I maxed out my aileron throw at the same time I moved the CG back, so I cant really say if it was the CG affecting it or not, but they did get way more responsive with the added CF on the TE. Im only able to get big barrel type rolls out of the this your experience?

I had a blast last nite catching thermals as the Sun went down at the end of a breezy 90 degree day. I swear I was trurning flat 8 foot circles with full rudder, some aileron, and up elevator. Lots of fun!

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