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Originally Posted by Glenstr View Post
Well, first time I got to take my blu beam version of the SP out yesterday, then I was taking out my groundstation and the board I have everything on pulled away from its mount and landed on my truck seat, and unfortunately I had neglected to take the antenna off before loading it up, so it ended up getting scrunched.

Since I was trying it out with my new eagle eyes ground station with my bi-quad for diversity, I got it close to what I thought was original and put it on anyway. Then I was getting black screens when hardly any distance out in one direction, because I had also mistakenly set the EE unit to only use that antenna.

Now I am wondering if I can salvage it by getting it back to it's proper shape and form, so I'll be carefully reading the build instructions at the start of the thread.
Should be no problem to fix. Start by bending the lower wires such that thea a) form a 90 degrees angle towards the connector, and also form a 90 degree angle among them seen from top. Then look at the plane the four lower wires form by looking a the antenna from its side and turn it up until you look at one lobe such that the straigh part you just bent before looks towards you. Now you can verify/assure that the lobe looks up in a 45 degree angle.


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