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Awesome thank you steven!! Well i picked up a fuselage today Wound up buying stock fins just so i could copy them. Pretty disappointed in the hobby shop service though. Nobody seemed to be able to answer simple questions...didnt seem to care at all.

For instance i told them exactly what i was building. Had the stryker pushrod set in my hand and asked if they sold the control horns. The guy just looked at me with a blank stare. So i asked if they sold a control horn that is similar size to stock. He takes me over to a different section....points and says use any of those. The sizes varied greatly.

So anyway i still need to pick up some parts. Still have many questions.

What size control horns do i need?

Do you guys run the plastic fin retainers? Looking at them now i see it says F-27B darnit.

Should i copy the stock fin shape exactly?

How much expo would you recommend? Plan to buy Dx6i here shortly

I see the nose uses double sided tape. You guys like that or switch to velcro or magnets...thinking magnets would be too heavy.

Sorry for dumb questions. Ive never seen a fully built stryker in person. Just going by pics alone is sorta difficult for me.
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