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Read through the entire thread again and keep coming up with questions.

Whats lighter and/or stronger balsa wood or depron elevons?

Have you steven or anyone toyed around with notching in the motor mount VS laying it on top? I read you just lay on top. But have you ever tried notching to feel if plane flies different?

How much deflection should the elevons have? Trying to determine how large of angle to cut into elevon.
wopachop, Balsa would be stonger for the elevons but depron is lighter.

I have notched my motor mount in on some of my planes. I usually just glue it on top because I like the thrust angle that it makes and it is easy and fast to build. You can notch in the if you want. Some people point the foward end of the mount at the nose ( this makes less down thurst) I like a little down thrust on my strykers so I use the stock angle or acutally tilt the motor mount slightly more down in the rear and less in the front ( this makes more down thrust).
The angle I cut in the elevons is a 45 degree cut. I use less deflection than that for flight. It depends on how large your elevons are. I think the stock one are around 1 1/4 inches. Mine are 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches wide. Some people use 2 inch elevons. The wider the elevons the more responsive and "twitchy" it is but the more acrobatic the plane is.
The styker is a responsive plane I would use less deflection at first and then so up. I would also use expo if your radio has it.
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