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Originally Posted by sandos View Post
Flew a 4s for the first time on my 450. I will probably slowly shift to 4s, because it now has awesome POWER! Wow, the climbouts are like twice the speed compared to 3S. Well ok, maybe not but it is much faster. It also seems to drain the battery real quick though

Now I "only" need to finally get the tail to never let go, which it does sometimes. I also really need to know if my one-way bearing is up to the task, because something is slipping under load. I'm guessing the belt, but I'm still not sure.
you might check the one way - or at least the mainshaft cover. On my HK 450 Pro, the cover wears out quite quickly, though it normally first shows up as the OWB jamming. The clone metal is far too soft, though i've yet to try an align part on it.
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