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It seems min throttle is configured the wrong way, have you checked it in the soft?

Have to investigate further, you are sure the right serial is choosen? Also you didnt switched the tx rx.

I dont know exactly if these pins are allready used (but i think this can also be changed manually in multiwii soft), atm some analog in are choosen, but there will be a change in the future.

There is a pin called bec right between the pin of the 5V regulator, i didnt connect it to the 5V line, cause i think its better to power them seperepate and not on the same line as the CPU to prevent spikes from the servos.
You can of course make a simple bridge to the pin between voltage regulator out and servo pewer in (called BEC), if you take small servos.
Otherwise i would pullout a 5V pin from one ESC and connect it to this BEC Pin, this would be a quite sensefull config.
You also can use a exteral switching supply on this BEC pin, which should be sensefull for big ampere hungry servos.

Translation (Google)

my first post here on the forum and I would like to thank all the project made ​​it possible and continue to expand.

Congratulations to Paul and later Good luck.

Now to my questions, use the Flyduino with WMP and BMA020, so far so good.

1. Start the engine, but engine does not turn off, what should I have on there?

2. me a serial display of Spark ADM1602U had put this plan is to be connected according to the serial interface 3 to 5V, GND and TX enable, with the sticks right yaw, pitch down, but it's does not. Except that the display is initialized when it receives the 5V, then is not visible on the display's.

3. As in the diagram and also mentioned again by the Berkley roll, pitch servos Camera Mounts come to the terminals 45 and 46

Picture above

I have drawn the connections correct?

If so, I have no tension there at the terminals, either at 44, 45 or 46
I supply (inside bridge) the board of a controller.
Can it be that I need to use the feature to connections of LiPo?

Thanks hubibubi[/QUOTE]

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