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Set Date and Time Program

<Update 1. June 2011 - Version>
I've made the following modifications based on user input:
Modified instruction #5 to make it clearer how to stop and remove the camera.
Added optional instruction #7 to test the date and time.
Only removable media equal or less than 32GB are shown in the listbox.
Minor modifications to show the sizes in Bytes, MB or GB as appropriate.
Modification to the TAB order.
Other very minor code modifications.

<Update 31. May 2011 - Version>
Thank you Tom for testing and your suggestions, and thank you jantares for testing in Poland.
I have updated the version and removed the BETA status.

The new version shows the Volume ID (if available) together with the size of the disk and the free space. I have used 1024 Bytes to represent 1KB etc. which should be in line with the latest Microsoft Operating Systems.
The disk drive letter in the list control is deliberately shown before the Volume ID because I use the colon in the second position to differentiate between a disk drive and an error message (quick-and-dirty trick).

You may also connect the camera after starting the program. The program handles the Windows notification message by reloading all the removable disk drives.

When you start the program, the time is the current time plus 30 seconds. This should be enough to select the Drive, write the data, turn off the camera and disconnect, and finally turn on the camera. The camera time should now be pretty accurate!

I have also added some short instructions and features to advance/retard the time by 1 minute. There is also a button to reload the current time.
I hope I haven't made this program too complicated (please shout if you want me to make things simpler), and I have avoided color because of the color-blind members!

As always, there may be a bug or two hidden somewhere, so please post any findings in this forum. I have not had the time to fully test all conditions that may arise. Suggestions are always welcome.

<Original Posting>
OK, it seems there is a need for a simple date and time set program that works in any country.

I've whipped up a BETA which you can download here (latest version).

I've tested the program on both Windows 7 and XP (both 32 bit versions) and it works perfectly. However, I have not had the time to properly test it using the US date format (seems good on the screen capture below). It would be great if someone (Tom? ) could do that for me - thanks.

I plan to add a button to increase/decrease the current time by 1 minute which I think would be useful. Like I said, this is truly BETA, but since it only writes a file to disk I don't think any harm can be done. But all the same, use at your own risk. Suggestions are always welcome.

Hope it's useful to someone - I'm beginning to think it's a good idea after all , even for non-newbies - much easier than editing a text file.

Here's a screenshot (only latest version):
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