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Lightweight FC

Originally Posted by aesmith View Post
Interested in how you're going to mount the motor? Lightweight appeals to me, mine is just under 900g (say 30oz) with the small battery but fully fitted out in other respects. Losing the gear will knock off another 60/70g I suppose, 40g for the four servos and leads, maybe a smaller ESC and receiver.
First, to answer your question. I will mount a MicroDan motor (34g or 54g - undecided right now) using the mount that comes with it on a 1/8" ply mount. I could modify the existing MPX mount. But, it is too heavy and kind of a junky design anyhow. Then, of course, no paint or decals. All of it will be put together with thin CA. Packing tape will cover the spar (rear spar will not be used) to cut down on drag. There are many more things that I plan to change that are too long to list here. If you were going for lightweight, I would probably suggest using PMing because it is a fairly esoteric project. Also, it would eliminate one person whose opinion and help I don't ever want to see (quoted or not). Besides, I would run ALL of my plan past Prof100 and NoFlyZone because of their extensive experience and most of all their positive communication skills. With those two, I could suggest making the FC a pusher and they would entertain the idea. Thanks guys.
Now, I have a question. I can see how you could get down too 900g if you used a 1500mah LiPo. Is that what you used? Or, what did you use and how hard was it to get the correct CG? Thanks for any information you can share.
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