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Originally Posted by ajbaker View Post
That is precisely what I want to do. Since we have shared ideas together several times, you figured out what I was up to right away. Some people lack imagination. Your suggestion is perfect for my needs. Thank you very much for your input. Also, I am planning on getting rid of the LG and never setting up ailerons and flaps. I am pretty sure I can still balance it using a 1500mah LiPo. I will use whatever it the lightest I can use and still get CG. With several other weight reduction methods, I think I can get the FC below 33 oz. Of course, I will start with a brand new one. I will order just the foam stuff because the rest of the stuff I need, I can build a lot lighter. Thanks again for your feedback.
Interested in how you're going to mount the motor? Lightweight appeals to me, mine is just under 900g (say 30oz) with the small battery but fully fitted out in other respects. Losing the gear will knock off another 60/70g I suppose, 40g for the four servos and leads, maybe a smaller ESC and receiver.
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