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Argh!, I just realized I used the wrong dimensions for the wire length, I used a 105mm long wire to make an antenna for 5.945Ghz and according to the formula it should had been 101.1mm long.

Anyway, I did bend on element with that wire (let's call it a practice round) and found out that the ends of the wire didn't meet at the center, which had me puzzled until I looked back at the first post and noticed that the bend is actually not a circle.
I bent a circle with a diameter equal to the straight center section, and things didn't add up.

I made a drawing of how I bent the wire so you see how the arc segment I ended up with is 24.8mm instead of 26.4 (this is the wrong dimensions, haven't corrected them yet) So what I figured is that the curve is not a circle, what I haven't figured out is what shape it is supposed to be, an ellipse perhaps? I don't know how important is to get the correct curvature.

Anyway, back to bending wire....
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